iQuotes - Steve Jobs Quote Screensaver

08 November 2005

Collated together in a stylish, Apple-esque screen saver - the best quotes from Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.

Mac OS X 10.4 Only. Sorry. And an internet connection is needed.

Download (.zip) Alternative Download (.sit) or download the quartz composer file that needs to be dropped into your Library/Screen Savers folder. Then you can go to System Preferences - Desktop and Screensaver and select the iQuotes screensaver. Download iQuotes.qtz

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Future Projects

05 October 2005

The next version of PodTunes will include a progress bar with time remaining etc.

I also plan to work on a personalization script for QuarkXpress.

And a utility to back up to your iPod.

Makes a change from iTunes controllers!


27 September 2005

As promised here is the new release of PodTunes - PodTunesColor.

It has been given a major overhaul and now features a color screen that displays the album art of the currently playing song - just like a real iPod. As before it also displays the name and artist of the current song but now also shows the track number and shows if the song is playing or paused.

You can also now switch shuffle on or off using the middle (select) button and the current shuffle status is displayed in the top left of the iPod's screen.

A Complete list of new features A color screen with album art, Switch Shuffle on and off directly from PodTunesColor Shuffle icon indicates if shuffle is on or off Icon in the top left of screen now indicates whether iTunes is playing or paused Track numbers (eg. 7 of 645) in upper left of screen Switch the backlight on and off (Menu button) Tooltips More readable font Improved graphics

Let me know if you like PodTunes (or if you don't) as I am open to suggestions and feedback.


Coming Soon!

23 September 2005

Look out for a new version of PodTunes coming soon!

New features include:-

A colour screen Album artwork on the screen, Switch shuffle on and off directly from PodTunes, and more!

Look out for it here or on VersionTracker.

PodTunes v0.1

21 September 2005

A Simple iTunes controller that looks like a little iPod on your desktop.

Click play/pause, previous, next - just like you would on your real iPod. The name of the currently playing track, album and artist also appears in the iPod's display.

There are plenty or widgets that do this, and probably one or two that are in the shape of an iPod, but this is an actual application that stays on your desktop.

This is my first project, written using Applescript Studio. I'd be interested in hearing feedback.