IP Address Confusion

While checking out my site stats to see how many people have visited, downloaded iQuotes, and how many people have accessed the RSS feed of quotes, I noticed that I had over 20,000 hits from one IP address. The next highest number of hits for one IP address is only 2,500, and the next 263.

Obviously, I felt compelled to find out who it was so I googled for IP address Trace and entered the address. The name came back as 17-202-13-240.apple.com. A traceroute tells me that it passes through San Jose at some point.

Now I don't fully understand the IP address so I wondered if anyone could enlighten me on the significance of this.

Is it really Steve Jobs, sitting at his desk at 1 Infinite Loop reminiscing about the old times while watching my screensaver on his Intel Powerbook, or is there another explanation for this?