Create a HTML5/CSS3/jQuery list of your movies using IMDB

иконописПодарък иконаI have a hard drive full of which spends most of it's time connected to the PS3 in the living room. When trying to find something to watch, a list of just filenames isn't always very useful. Sometimes I might not remember what the film is about or remember if I've already seen it. It's also a pain to have to fire up the PS3 and the hard drive just to see the list of movies.

To get around this I wrote an applescript that gets the list of files on the hard drive and attempts to get the movie names from them, ie. strip the extension and anything in brackets. The script then generates a simple HTML file which is uploaded to an FTP server.

On the server I have a javascript file that queries an unofficial imdb api to get the movie info (via a php proxy) and programatically adds the data to the HTML file when it's rendered.

HTML5 Local Storage is used to store the data so it doesn't have to query the api with every page load (a modern browser is required for this). Movies can be flagged as something you want to watch or as 'already seen'.

Instructions: - Upload the css, images, inc and js folders to a folder on your server - Edit the absolute URLs in the scripts.js to match the location of your inc folder - Edit the FTP settings and paths in createHTML.scpt - Run the applescript on your computer and check to make sure the index.php file has uploaded to the correct location - Open the index.php folder in your browser (if you don't get any info the first time just reload the page

This setup is certainly not perfect - it will not index files in subfolders and will not get every movie name right. You might want to amend the applescript if your naming convention is different.

Here's an example

And the download link