A Car Alarm for your iBook

There has been alot of interest lately in an app called iAlertU, an alarm for your MacBook Pro, and a video showing it in action.

I had been working on a similar project for fun and for my own use, however, iAlertU doesn't currently work with iBooks or PowerBooks, so I thought people might be interested in this.

In the stuffit file is a version for the iBook, a version for the Powerbook and also it's source (an Xcode project). It may also work on the MacBook Pro, but I am not able to test that.

It differs from iAlertU in that there is obviously no remote activation, though this could be set up to work from a bluetooth phone using an app like the excellent Romeo. To activate the alarm simply double click the icon, to deactivate, quit the app.

Uses motion.c. Copyright Christian Klein.

Click here to download app and source (zipped) Click here to download app and source (stuffed)